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In honor of his 12th parole rejection, hear Charles Manson sing

Charles Manson

Charles Manson

Today Charles Manson’s parole request was denied for the 12th time, as surely everyone expected would happen. California can’t execute him, but there’s no reason they’ll ever want to release him. But what always gets me is how he could have had a decent career as a musician, had he not also been a complete bat-shit crazy psycopath. So, in honor of his dozenth parole rejection, we’ll let Charlie Manson sing a few bars: here’s his “Never Learned Not To Love,” which, when recorded by the Beach Boys, actually made the lower reaches of the Hot 100 during its day in the sun.


And a bonus: hear him sing his own few bars about a life “of hell” behind bars, while he must await yet another futile attempt at convincing folks he’s ready to re-enter society: “Twilight Blues”

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