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Green Day issues new video for “Oh Love” proving harems know no age boundary

Green Day Uno Dos Tre

Three albums in four months should showcase how Green Day’s musical balls hang so much lower than the rest of ours, there’s no competition. Case-in-point: their new video, which showcases 40-year-old Billie Joe and company rocking out in front of a harem of trashy women who put Courtney Love to shame, while pretending to be twenty years younger.

Oh love
Oh love
Won’t you rain on me tonight?
Oh life
Oh life
Please don’t pass me by
Don’t stop
Don’t stop
Don’t stop when the red lights flash
Oh ride
Free ride
Won’t you take me close to you

Okay, midlife crisis. I’ll give the song a pass because the hook is mindlessly catchy and it’s sure to wind up being a staple on today’s “play twenty songs over and over” top 40 lists. But if they’re going to make three albums worth of material deliver, they’d better really bring the juice on ¡Uno! come September 25, or the real question is going to be ¿Does anyone really give a damn? about ¡Dos! or ¡Tre!

Judge for yourself and sound off in the comments. Is Green Day’s new single up to snuff, or should the band hang it up before they embarrass themselves?

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One response

  1. Hmmmmm… It’s a catchy song but I find it hard to believe that 3 albums will have any sort of depth especially at this stage in their careers.

    September 4, 2012 at 11:14 AM

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