About “Hear, Hear!”

Hear! Hear! Music has, over the last four years, built a reputation for coverage of a wide variety of global bands, with a focus on what goes into the writing of strong pop songs (in virtually any genre) in the artists’ own words.

As we move into the new year, and with editor Jonathan Sanders moving into downtown Indianapolis, we plan to expand our coverage of live music in the region, with a continued emphasis on what makes great pop songwriting work, from behind the scenes as the artists themselves tell it.

As always we’ll continue to accept submissions via email (kroessman@gmail.com), particularly of music from bands which will be playing in the region. In addition, you can expect regular daily coverage, including song and album reviews, industry news and interviews with those who write the songs you can’t get out of your head. Welcome to Hear! Hear! Music, where there’s more to “pop” than meets the ear!

13 thoughts on “About “Hear, Hear!”

    • Thanks, Katy :) I appreciate this … had another nomination for something last week, haven’t decided how I’ll do the response, since I usually write about the music and not about myself ;) I may add additional blogs to the blogroll and mention these nominations there :) I’ll have to check yours out in more detail for sure …

  1. My name is Louie Bello .I am On the SKIP WHITMAN song Upgrade which u featured on your site. I was Just Nominated for A Boston Music Award against KARMIN. How could i get you to check out my music and videos and review them. Appreciate it

  2. Hey kroessman! This is Wes of the Lonely Patrol, As you probably are aware, the Lonely Patrol broke up late last April. It was an unfortunate event. However, after a few months of experimenting, Sam and I have decided to revive the Lonely Patrol name. Andrew Estes, who you also reviewed on Hear! Hear!, will be our bassist. We are holding auditions for a drummer on February 17th.

    Our intital goal is to have a band that can perfom shows by this summer and we plan to be in a studio recording our debut album by late fall.

    Until then, you can keep up with us on our ReverbNation page, Soundcloud account, and Twitter account. Sam Snyder will be releasing a small EP sometime soon that will feature some new songs. We aren’t sure if this release will use the Lonely Patrol name or not.

    We hope you enjoy this news as much as we do.


    ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation/lonelypatrol
    Sondcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/lonelypatrol
    Twitter: @LonelyPatrol

    P.S. Our Facebook page will remain un-updated until we have a permanent band and a few shows lined out.

  3. Guys, am I glad I found you. Your blog is great, especially as it’s hard to find a good music blog. I write a little about music on mine but mostly it’s q&a’s with unsigned/independent artists.

  4. Hi, this is bELA from the band you just featured, Ménage.
    I just want to personally thank you for listening to our new EP and for sharing it with your readers.. it means a lot to my brothers and I. We plan on touring throughout the new year and we hope to see you when we are on the road!
    (For the time being we are choosing which band to tour with.. if you have any suggestions, please let us know! :)
    In the meantime, keep up the great work, we are hooked on your blog!

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