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Regarding “WordAds”


You may have noticed that, for the last four months, there have been banner ads on this site on the top and right sides of each page (and occasionally between articles on the main page if you’re not logged in as a WordPress user.) I have been participating as a pilot member of the WordAds program, which judiciously applies advertising across my site without overly intruding into the design and access readers have to my articles.

So far, without mentioning the ads to “Hear! Hear!” readers, I’ve managed to earn a few dollars a month from this service. I run this site as a secondary venture, while working full time and doing my best to freelance as a music journalist. Every little bit does help keep this site going, and I’d appreciate it (if you don’t find the ads intrusive) if you were to click on the ads you find relevant. The money I bring in from advertising on “Hear! Hear!” will all go into the further development of the site, particularly in costs I may find down the road as I attempt to develop more audio and video content for the site.

Note that I am not advocating gaming the system. I’m just calling your attention to the ads, and if you find them relevant, I’d appreciate your participation. I chose WordAds because they curate advertising based on what my site provides information-wise, and they’re not cluttering up my articles like Google AdSense does with their word advertisements.

About these ads

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