Turkish Delight: Canadian rockers Oldnfade do it “for the love” on righteous new hype single


I am not a politician
I am not a hypocrite
We are here making music
Our name is Oldnfade
We will destroy the stage
There is nothing wrong with what we do
No one ever tells us what to do
Life is too short, no worries
Keep it up, watch, enjoy with me

This may be the best pure hype single since Tenacious D first vowed to rock our socks off. Oldnfade, a Canadian rock band featuring a Turkish-born lead singer proves their mettle through catchy rock riffs — the lyrics matter little beyond proving they’re here “doing it for love,” and that they have no political motivation. They don’t take themselves too seriously, but rather simply want to make sure we know who they are and that, whatever happens, they’ll be sure to rock without pretense. Life’s way too short for anything else.


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FEATURED SONG: Gauss – “Empty Frames”


Indianapolis's next breakthrough band? If you're a metalhead, you'll hope so.

Call this a perfect accidental find, but I can’t let the start of 2012 go by without spreading the word about Gauss, the next great metal act from Indianapolis I can guarantee you’ve never heard of. They’re so obscure right now you’ll find only their 12-minute prog-metal epic “Empty Frames” on their site, which you can download for free if you’re willing to sign up for the band’s mailing list. Trust me — it’s worth it … this song builds and builds, layering twist upon twist as they prove their instrumental mettle. This isn’t a 12-minute exercise in pretentious bullshit; these guys are ready to rock and they need the space this kind of aural canvas provides in order to let the music breathe. Consider it more of a song suite, an epic arrangement of half a dozen disparate hooks into one boldly daring example of what keeps me doing this job year in, year out.  This is a band I sure hope to hear a great deal more from in 2012.


SCOTT WILSON:  Vocals, Guitar (Ex-Demiricous, Romance Morgue)
CHRIS CRUZ: Clean Vocals, drums (Ex-Demiricous, And currently in Lorenguard)
BILL PELON: guitars, noise/atmosphere (Ex-Whiskeytits, Romance Morgue)
JEREMY KING: Keyboards (Ex-Whiskeytits, Romance Morgue, Fax Arcana)