My name is Jonathan Sanders, and I’m a freelancing music critic. In the past I’ve written frequently for the now-defunct Gods of Music site, as well as for the Ball State Daily News and for Anderson, Indiana’s own “Stereo Subversion,” for which I still am a regular contributor.

And while much of the material which crosses my desk is in relation to my writing for other publications, I often discover new music which doesn’t fit other publications, or for which  I have no assignments or deadlines. Most often that music ends up shuffled to the side while I fulfill other obligations.

No longer will that be so. “Hear! Hear!” will be the new repository for my thoughts on new music, old music and the world of music in general. Check back often to read mini-reviews of new albums I stumble upon, occasional interviews with people doing interesting things with their art, and the occasional rantings I may have on subjects relating to the world of music as it stands today.

Feel free to comment on anything you read here, and if you stumble on something yourself which you think I should hear feel free to email me at


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