Jason Boesel – “Hustler’s Son”

For a guy previously best known for his drumming for the likes of Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes and The Elected, Jason Boesel makes a convincing turn as a solo folk-rock songwriter. His debut album, Hustler’s Son, comes off as a surprisingly hook-filled effort, something you’d imagine might come from Conor Oberst if he’d hooked up with Dustin Kensrue to form a country band.

It’s a laid-back affair, and Boesel is smart to keep it low-key, focusing on making sure the songs are solid enough to make the lack of pre-release press irrelevant. “French Kissing,” one of the album’s standout tracks, even manages to sound like something Fleetwood Mac might have recorded in their heyday, something owed as much to Boesel’s sense of mood as it is to the band’s cohesive but unobtrusive arrangement.

This isn’t an album that’s going to make a lot of waves – in fact, it’s flown completely under the radar since its release early this year. But if this is what he’s got to offer, maybe Boesel needs to step out from behind the drums more often. We’d all benefit from hearing more of this kind of pop music.

Reprinted with permission from Stereo Subversion.


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