Album Review: The Weepies – “Be My Thrill”

Be My Thrill

Another album review of mine is up at Stereo Subversion, this time of pop act The Weepies’ latest album Be My Thrill, which is about the best pure-form pop album you’re going to find this year, particularly if you’re into the more straightforward pop of the sixties.

The album, which took more than a year for the duo to craft, doesn’t so much redirect their career as it does refine it. This album features 14 distinct, resonant tracks, but plays out over the length of a 45-rpm record. It manages to play equally well as a full-album experience as it does as a collection of single-serving pop experiences. More impressively, the band manages to stick with their past tendency to merge lyrics of sadness and regret into sunny pop melodies. It’s a perfect pop dichotomy, and the band walks the wire perfectly, never devolving to the point of becoming mawkishly sentimental.

Read the full review at Stereo Subversion!


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