REVIEW: Over The Rhine – “The Long Surrender”

Over The RhineMy review of Over the Rhine’s The Long Surrender went up this afternoon at Stereo Subversion! You can read the review here, but here’s a teaser:

Over The Rhine decided to play things a little differently when getting started on what would become the band’s thirteenth studio full-length, The Long Surrender. Karen Bergquist and Linford Detweiler enticed their fans to contribute to the funding of the album, and the duo settled down in Joe Henry’s Garfield House studio to record it.

What results from this collaboration is a tight album of songs which, while some aspects echo The Trumpet Child, tends to hearken back more to the raw Americana of the band’s 2004 double-album Ohio. The band smartly called on Joe Henry and his world-renowned production skills to hone these 13 tracks into a cohesive whole, an album which, like any other Over the Rhine effort, is liable to be a slow-burning favorite before the end of the year.

Enjoy! And feel free to comment here or at Stereo Subversion.


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