Cooler Than Me

I’m not a huge fan of Mike Posner.  I think he’s scraping by on the bottom of the 80s-retread bandwagon, and his cocksure “collegiate Robin Thicke” act is bound to bring his fifteen minutes of fame screeching to a halt just as quickly as Amy Winehouse is liable to wind up back in rehab.

But I’ve been catching up on episodes of the second season of NBC’s The Sing-Off, and Groove For Thought really took the song to a whole new level, deleting the original’s misogynistic “I’m famous, why won’t you look at me?” posturing and Manhattan-Transferring up the whole thing into a smooth vocal-jazz romp which — obviously — left the judges desperately reaching for new ways to express just how awesome this group of performers really is.

This performance was from last Wednesday”s edition of the show, and I’ve yet to see the third episode from this Monday — though, sadly, I’m told the group was among the two eliminated in that show.  The competition is way more fierce this year, and some good acts are going to go home.  But hopefully this won’t be the last we hear of these grooving school teachers.

Visit Groove For Thought’s website for more great clips!


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