Ben Folds Five on Sessions @ West 54th

Sessions @ West 54th

The best live-music showcase to be unceremoniously axed.

Whatever you think of Ben Folds, his band’s performance when on Sony’s Sessions at West 54th was one for the archives. I fell in love with the band when watching it, and it’s no wonder: raw performances abounded, the band’s full talent was showcased, and the performances in general kept the audience in awe for well more than the thirty minutes the TV show would allow. Hence the most awesome DVD-concert of all time, which included all  the extras we hadn’t gotten to see (including most of the bloody performance).

Watch “Theme From Dr. Pyser” and dare not to be astounded!

Or “Missing the War”:

Or “Selfless, Cold and Composed”

and have a happy New Year! 🙂 Added bonus: this kid named “DT” put on an equally raucous performance of “Theme From Dr. Pyser” which deserves to be seen. Enjoy!


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