Railroad Earth – “The Jupiter & the 119 (Edit)”

Railroad Earth

Railroad Earth

If you need an Americana pick-me-up, and Lord knows we all do this time of year in the midwest) here’s something new from Railroad Earth — the “edit” of “The Jupiter  & The 119” (with the intro suite taken out to keep it a manageable seven minutes in length). It’s the (albeit accidental) story of the transcontinental railroad by Todd Sheaffer, which — to quote their press release — “recounts the hammering of the Golden Spike as a metaphor for national unity in today’s highly charged political climate.”

Okay, or it could just be a really great song about the great trains that built this nation — either way’s good enough for me. Give the track a listen, it’s addictive!

Streaming Link: Railroad Earth – “The Jupiter & The 119”

To further quote the press release, the band’s new album is getting rave reviews — Railroad Earth “evokes Full Moon Fever-era Tom Petty,” according to Vanity Fair. And the album landed at #5 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart, for bands which have never been inside the top 100. But with music this good, you just have to listen and trust us. Or we’ll keep heaping on the hyperbole.

I’ll lead you out with another classic Railroad Earth slow-burner:


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