ALBUM REVIEW: Phoenix – “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Year of the Album — #005
Phoenix – “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”
V2 Records (2009)


Similar Albums: Spoon – “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” (Spunk Records, 2007)
Hot Chip – “Made In The Dark” (EMI, 2008)


Sometimes a band can float just outside your consciousness without actually making enough of an impact for you to hear the album when it first impacts the scene. Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is one of those albums for me. I had heard “Lisztomania” and “1901” when they were alternative hits, and I’d been aware of the band’s 2010 grammy win for “Best Alternative Album,” but for some reason I never gave their full album a listen until recently. Big mistake on my part! If I’d known this French Alternatronic album would pack as much of a punch, I’d have been enjoying it since its 2009 release.

This is the kind of classic alternative album which has risen phoenix-like from the ashes of the 90s, and it’s worthy of all the praise it has received. “1901” in particular is an earworm of massive proportions, and if you don’t think you’ve heard it before, you have – you just, like me, never made the connection. Fans of Daft Punk, Hot Chip, Spoon and any number of other alternative-electronic hybrids will find a lot to enjoy here, and the album’s hardly been overexposed. What’s more of a surprise is that the band hadn’t found success in America with their first three albums. Clearly they’re an act with staying power, and for fans of addictive alternative, it’s imperative that we keep them in the spotlight long enough for their next album to attain similar success.

Bottom line: if you’ve been listening to this album since 2009, maybe it’s a good time to dig it back out for a few more spins. And if, like me, you’re finding it for the first time, enjoy the moment! Revel in it. This is what great alternative is made of, and many of today’s young up-and-comers could stand to give it a few listens to learn how it’s really done.


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