SONG REVIEW: The Walla Recovery – “She Said”

The Walla Recovery

The Walla Recovery

The Walla Recovery – “She Said” by hearhearmusic

If you have wondered what a hybrid of bluegrass and christian pop would sound like, Texas-based quartet the Walla Recovery gives you a pretty good idea with “She Said,” their latest single (stream it at the link above) which has a definite Nickel Creek meets Caedmon’s call vibe to it.

The band asks you on their website to “step off the platform of nostalgic ‘what-ifs’ and embark on a journey away from unfulfilled longing and toward sacred forgetfulness.” And if the music wasn’t top-notch, with heartfelt introspective lyrics and a beautiful, melodic core, that might come off as hopelessly pretentious.

Rather, however, I found myself, after just a few repeat listens, longing to hear the rest of the band’s new EP With Trembling, which sounds like it owes a great deal to introspective Christian artists like Derek Webb. For adventurous ears, this is a listening risk that pays off in a big way. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

If you want an mp3 download of the song, the band is giving it away on their official website, if you’re willing to tweet or facebook a friend, or provide an email address for their mailing list.


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