ALBUM REVIEW: The Last Royals – “The Last Royals EP”

The Last Royals

NYC's The Last Royals bring the indie pop heat. (Photo Credit:

Year of the Album — #009
The Last Royals – “The Last Royals EP” (Ooh La La Records, 2011)


Similar Albums: Cavedoll – “Carbombs & Swordfights” (Independent, 2010)
Matthew Ryan – “From A Late Night High Rise” (00:02:59 Records, 2006)


If you’re in the market for some indie pop that pushes the creative envelope, you’re not going to be disappointed with the latest free album available through Noisetrade! The NYC-based duo The Last Royals is giving their Last Royals EP away for free for a limited time on the music site, and the four originals are impressive and worthy of a download — and as a bonus, Noisetrade downloads include a limited edition cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” which is worth the download on its own!

The EP’s opening track, “Backseat Lovers” opens things on a strange note, oddly reminding me of Cavedoll’s “Vader,” for some reason on the first spin, though the song becomes far more pop oriented as it progresses. And if you’ve been hooked immediately, as I was, then “Come Take My Hand,” the album’s single, proves to be a wonderful bonus. Even had these been the only two songs on the EP it would have been worthy of praise. But there’s also the stunning “Always, To Belong,” a classy pop single in the making, reminiscent of “And Never Look Back,” off Matthew Ryan’s From A Late Night High Rise.

I’ll be interested to see what these guys do in the future. New York’s been a hotbed for innovative pop for years, and like Regina Spektor, The Last Royals clearly enjoy pushing the pop envelope while maintaining strong hooks at the center of their songs. This could be a recipe for some serious success down the road — so give the EP a download and say you heard them first.


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