I’m launching a new feature category today — “Artists To Watch.” I’ll use this category to highlight emerging artists who are getting noticed online or in the industry, but who have not yet had significant chart success.

The first artist I’d like to highlight is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter who sounds like a cross between Sarah Bareilles and Anna Nalick. Jamie Lynn Noon has garnered notice from Billboard of late with their new “uncharted” chart, and though she’s got no immediate album release plans, “Second of a Spark” off her 2009 debut EP A Moment To Break is a solid slice of contemporary piano pop. Right now it’s only been viewed by 10,000 fans or so on YouTube, but it’s got the hook to catch on with top 40 radio. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a lot more from her, particularly if she embraces a slight tinge of country — songs like “Second of a Spark” have been crossover monsters in the past with the right marketing touch.

On Twitter: @ jamielynnnoon


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