Enter The Shell

Turrtle and Ky

Turrtle and Ky of "Enter The Shell"

If you love professionally produced podcasts that focus on all the greatness of indie music, prepare to have your minds blown. Enter The Shell benefits from being based in Hollywood, so they’re never going to have a shortage of artists willing to make the trek to their “NoHo2” Studio to record the weekly “Enter The Shell Show” podcast. But what really blew me away was the depth of the quality of this free-to-the-world endeavor. They’re not charging a red cent, but for an hour or so each week music fans get what they come in for — a broadcast-radio worthy exploration of why “music moves us.”

I don’t know what more you can ask for. But I can guarantee you I’ll be checking this show out from here on when it goes up on Thursdays. It’s impressive when a duo of interviewers can come off with the professional sound of a “morning drive” show but actually make more impact for the quality of their interviews and overall music journalism.

Check out Enter The Shell interviewing Pocket Rockets via YouTube:


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