ARTIST TO WATCH: Amanda Shires

This song, “When You Need A Train, It Never Comes,” may wind up speaking for everyone who has ever felt broken down and shredded by circumstances beyond their own control. It’s a stunningly beautiful edgy portrayal of desperation and cruel reality, enough to bring tears to your eyes even as you hit repeat and listen again.

Amanda Shires is going to be the next big Americana find of 2011. You just wait and watch. And her upcoming album Carrying Lightning just leapt to the top of my “got to hear it!” list. With prominent supporters including Chris Isaak and Justin Townes Earle (two artists who know what they’re talking about!) it’s hard to think there’s not wider exposure ahead for such a talented performer and songwriter.


One thought on “ARTIST TO WATCH: Amanda Shires

  1. Amanda has star quality. She just comes across a total original. Am presently listening to “Shake the Walls” for the umpteenth time, but there’s not a disappointing track on all of “Carrying Lightning.” Killer CD!
    — Bugdog in Lubbock, TX

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