ARTIST TO WATCH: Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday

Seattle's own Roman Holiday

If you’re into music that’s something of a cross between Coldplay and Kings of Leon, with a lot of crunchy pop-rock hook to keep you coming back for more, Seattle’s Roman Holiday might just be the band for you. Said to have been “birthed in a recording studio” (1) by Tacoma’s Weekly Volcano, it’s hard to argue with the band’s radio-ready blend of staple 90’s alterna-rock and modern radio sense. Too bad radio doesn’t play anything good anymore, but that’s what the Internets are for!

The band self released its debut album in May of 2010, titled Paint This Town (2), and they’ve released a pair of EPs in the past. Here’s hoping they keep up the solid pop songwriting, because with the current state of the music industry these days, all the record executives will need something poppy to cry to when they realize which band they let get away.

Check out their latest single, “The Long Way Home,” on YouTube below:

And if you’ll be on the west coast, check them out live! They seem like the kind of band which would have good chemistry in a live setting.

March 25: The Good Bar (Ventura CA)
March 26: On The Rox (West Hollywood CA)
April 22: Someday Lounge (Portland OR)
June 4: Tagaris (Richland WA)

Learn more on the band’s Official Website:


2 thoughts on “ARTIST TO WATCH: Roman Holiday

    • I haven’t seen them live … sometimes what works on record doesn’t work when played live for fans, but I can’t vouch for your experience. Enjoyed the songs I’ve heard, but will definitely be interested to hear if new material from the band equally holds my interest. Thanks for reading!

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