ALBUM REVIEW: Baby Teardrops – “X Is For Love”

X Is For Love
Year of the Album — #011
Baby Teardrops – “X Is For Love” (2011, Independent)

Another review went up at Yahoo’s Contributor Network today! This one’s a review of an independent album from New York City’s Baby Teardrops. It releases in early April, and for fans of R.E.M., the Pixies or the New Pornographers, it’s a must hear! Read the review here.

Indie rockers Baby Teardrops make it immediately clear they’ve got a clear, concise rock vision few other bands just starting out could even dream of. X Is For Love gets right to the point, a thirty-minute magnum opus which is going to get them noticed.

Baby Teardrops’ X Is For Love is one of those rare albums that can be a throwback to a bygone era while at the same time pushing modern pop-rock into a completely new direction. It’s energetic and brings the fun from the first song to the last, and the album doesn’t overstay its welcome, encouraging repeat listens. In the end it’s a recipe for success in a pop landscape which appears ripe for innovation and creativity. Trust me, Baby Teardrops are the real deal, and X Is For Love is a classic in the making.

Enjoy the lead single, “Banged In The Heart,” which is available for download if you get hooked.



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