ALBUM REVIEW: The Lonely Forest – “Arrows”


Year of the Album — #010
The Lonely Forest – “Arrows” (2011, Trans Records)

The album’s not out until March 22nd, but you can read all about the Lonely Forest’s major-label debut, Arrows, on the Yahoo Contributor Network:

Van Deusen and the Lonely Forest don’t go for anything “easy” with Arrows, which is by far the most rewarding and adventurous music they’ve produced thus far. The singles are provided a home within the whole of the album, and each additional listen peels away layers of insight into their artistic place in the world of modern pop.

Which makes Arrows a must-hear album for anyone who has been told there’s nothing worthy of praise in today’s pop landscape. If anything, the Lonely Forest proves there’s so much great music bubbling under the surface of that landscape it’s impossible to take it on in a “single serving song” world.

Read the rest of the review on Y!CN! And check out a video of the band with Chris Walla, of Death Cab For Cutie, who signed them to the major-label in the first place, below:


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