ALBUM REVIEW: Ari Shine – “Ghost Town Directory”

Ari Shine

Year of the Album — #012
Ari Shine – “Ghost Town Directory” (2011, Beverly Martel Records)

Stereo Subversion has my first negative review of the year. Not that there weren’t some things to like about Ari Shine’s new album, but honestly, there wasn’t nearly enough to like about Ghost Town Directory to make it worthy of extensive praise. You can read my review and decide for yourself what to think, however. From the review:

The problem here is that Ari Shine is clearly seeking as much radio attention as he can get, so he’s gone out and hired producers from his genre’s golden age (including Earle Mankey, who worked with the Beach Boys and Concrete Blonde) to polish the music until it glows. But while the band backing him has solid chops, and the songs (at least musically) sound like there should be a great deal of potential, in the end nothing really clicks. The album as a whole sounds empty and calculated, and therefore little resonates.

What do you think? Feel free to leave your opinions here or at Stereo Subversion. Let’s get the conversation started!


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