Boat To Row

Midlands, England's folk-pop quintet Boat to Row

I stumbled on these guys by complete accident, but if American music execs are smart about it, they’ll make signing Boat to Row no accident. This Midlands, England folk-pop quintet has the chops to create addictive hybrids that stick in your head while being quite unlike anything else you’ve heard lately … except maybe for a more restrained Mumford & Sons if you’re desperate for comparisons. More important, they’ve got the live chops many young bands never take the time to develop. Check out a few of their live YouTube clips below and decide for yourselves.

What blows my mind is that this is supposedly a mere “side project” for lead singer Michael King, who’s better known in the region for his band YOUVES. And if the distinct difference in styles between the two (dance-punk vs. folk-pop) suggest anything, it’s that King could be Britain’s next Dustin Kensrue, capable of moving at will from the metal world of Thrice (“The Abolition Of Man”) to that of his solo country work (“Pistol”) without breaking a sweat.

Trust me, American listeners are ready for a lot more of that kind of thing!

Visit the band’s MySpace page for more music, and get “Autumn Glow” as a name your own price single at Bandcamp.


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