Milo Greene
California folk-pop band Milo Greene

You almost certainly haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Milo Greene before, but once you do, that first tantalizing hint won’t be nearly enough. With suggestions of a more upbeat Wilderness of Manitoba meets L’Altra, the trio of UC-Irvine alums (named after a fake PR flack they used to send promotional emails on their own behalf) has built its music the hard way, working the bay area’s concert venues while trading demos back and forth until they were able to get the sounds right.

No word yet on the band’s future debut, though they told LA’s Buzz Bands that they’ve got more than a dozen songs written and in various stages of development. But in what has to be a good sign, at least now their official website lists an honest-to-God management and legal team … so they’re definitely on the way up from doing all the legwork themselves.

Hopefully we’ll hear more from these talented musicians in the months to come. Until then, check out their song “1957,” recorded live at the Downtown Loft:


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