Brian Bethke

Brian Bethke

Brian Bethke, my first real discovery on new indie-music site, really deserves to be getting his music to a wider audience. The Osseo, Wisconsin, singer-songwriter reminds me immediately of another obscure indie songwriter, Chuck Coleman, whose 2003 album People, Places and Flings was an indespensible part of my music collection for years. Bethke’s crsip, clean delivery and unobtrusive guitar melody makes his songs immediately accessable, and “I Have A Dream,” his free single on Bandwith, is so instantly likeable and memorable you’ll be repeating it before you even realize you’re hooked.

Bethke has been playing music since his teen years, and says a love of folk, Americana and country rock have forged his musical identity. His debut album, Auberdeen, can still be found on Amazon, but he remains unknown outside the Chippewa Valley region of Wisconsin, where he was named 2008’s Best Solo Performer. His latest effort, “The Silence,” actually won a spot on the trailer for Dwight Yoakum’s film “The Last Rites of Ransom Pride.”

To learn more, you can visit his official website:


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