ARTISTS TO WATCH: Pearl and the Beard

Pearl and the Beard

Pearl and the Beard

According to its website, New York’s Pearl and the Beard is three voices, one cello, one guitar, one glockenspiel, one melodica, several drums, one accordian, ninety-six teeth and one soul. Oh, and they love us the way we’ve always been. Quite frankly, we love them right back, and probably more than they know, because goddamn it, this is one of the most uplifting, hand-clapping, mindblowing pop ensembles you’ve not yet stumbled upon. “Sweetness,” their latest single, is so infectious you’ll be stumbling home while snapping your fingers and singing along while the uninitiated public thinks you’ve fully lost your mind.

Join the fun! Sing along while “Sweetness” plays below:

If you too are hooked, consider keeping an ear to the ground for Killing the Darlings, their upcoming sophomore album, due on May 10th via Family Records. To learn more, visit the band’s official website!


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