UNDER COVER: Rosie Thomas – “The One I Love”

Rosie Thomas

Rosie Thomas

I found Rosie Thomas while watching the delightful indie film Calvin Marshall, which featured her dating Steve Zahn’s drunken, washed-up college baseball coach, and because the film featured an extended scene of her performing what sounded like an original song, I had to seek out more information. A short search led me to this impeccable cover of R.E.M.’s “The One I Love,” which showcases the more mournful side of the song’s lyric. It also fully showcases Thomas’s vocals, which are definitely worth taking the time required to listen.

Hailing from Michigan, Thomas has an extended musical family including the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Damian Jurado, David Bazan (Pedro the Lion) and Denison Witmer. According to her website she’s working on putting finishing touches on a new album, and if it’s anything like what’s come before, it’s sure to be an indie treat.

Here’s her version of “The One I Love,” which was on her 2006 album These Friends of Mine:

And to hear her song from Calvin Marshall, here’s a clip courtesy of Hulu. For more information about her music, you can visit her Myspace and her official website.


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