“Hear, Hear!” looking for a few contributing writers!

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Good music inspires discussion. Come join the "Hear, Hear" conversation!

 I started “Hear, Hear!” as a music blog where I could write about the music I wanted to be discussing, whether I had a freelance assignment to cover such bands or not. In the past year and a half I’ve showcased the kind of music I find intriguing — pop music in all shapes and forms which manages to blur expectations and inspire no matter what.

But I’d like to broaden the conversation. There’s only so much music I can discover and write about at any given time — there’s always going to be good music slipping through the cracks. So I’d like to find a few good writers who are willing to contribute to “Hear, Hear!” This would allow us to broaden the site’s horizons. Ideally, each new writer would bring his or her influences and writing styles into the site, including the different music they want to write about. The key is to discuss the music which inspires you.

Are you up to the challenge?

I’m inviting aspiring contributors to write to me at kroessman@gmail.com. Choose an album you have enjoyed recently and write a few hundred words on what about that album did (or didn’t) inspire you. Or submit a piece of commentary, something that explains what about music really gets you going. Email that to me, with a note about why you’d like to write for “Hear, Hear!” and name a few bands or styles you’d like to cover.

The key is that I’m NOT looking to assign you articles to write. This would be an “as you are inspired” opportunity to contribute. When you find someone worth spreading the word about, that’s when I’d hope you’d think: lets get “Hear, Hear! ‘talking about THAT band!

If you’re a musician, consider joining as an “artist contributor,” to give the artist’s perspective on the creative process! As a site wanting to build a discussion about bands above AND below the radar, it’s important to bring the artists into the conversation as well. And if you’re a fan, take a chance at expressing yourself! Together I think we can help build this site to be more than just one man’s opinion — and in the process we can expose more great music to a wider audience.


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