Mike Peralta

Mike Peralta

Mike Peralta has been making music ever since he first heard Nirvana and got a used guitar courtesy of his mother. And like any true songwriting talent, he lives by the credo that a writer must write, above all else. As a few moments spent perusing his official website shows, this is a guy who spends his time milking a few successful songs. He’s got more than 150 to his credit, and he’s a power-user on Twitter, using his wide base of fans to get feedback on his newest music and spread the word.

The good news is that Peralta’s music lives up to all the hype. While he’s experimental, and not every song fits into any easily defined mold — his latest, “Fosner,” has a deep grungy vibe, while “Dark Over Here” opens up with a sound reminescent of “Streets of Philadelphia”-era Springsteen — fans can always tell that there’s going to be something to get them talking whenever Peralta’s name is attached. The hook is always going to be there, even if the trappings are different.

Check out one of this strongest singles, “Wasting All My Time,” below in music video form. I expect we’ll all be hearing a lot more of Peralta down the road.

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