ALBUM REVIEW: Silverstein – “Rescue”

Silverstein - "Rescue"

Year of the Album — #040
Silverstein – “Rescue” (2011, Hopeless Records)

There’s something to be said for a band knowing its audience, but Silverstein’s Rescue is such a derivative mess it’s hard to imagine there’s a significant audience for it. Standing as an example of post hardcore that is deeply mired in a clichéd mix of throaty screams and multi-layered harmonies, the album delivers what it promises. But it’s no step forward, and heading into a new decade it’s disappointing to hear a band just treading water. If you’ve heard any previous Silverstein album, you’ve heard Rescue.

I could forgive that if there was more depth to the music, but this album sounds like just about everything you’ve already heard a dozen times, done to death by everyone from Aiden to Rise Against. There’s nothing to Rescue that speaks to an audience beyond the already converted.

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