ALBUM REVIEW: The Wombats – “This Modern Glitch”

The Wombats This Modern Glitch

Year of the Album — #041
The Wombats – “This Modern Glitch” (2011, 14th Floor Records)

“I’m only here because I think today deserves a really sordid end,” The Wombats‘ Matthew Murphy sings on “Jump Into The Fog,” a song which seems to serve as a lyrical center for This Modern Glitch, an album full of perfectly respectable indie pop with elements of disco and punk. But the album is marred by a surprisingly harsh, cynical streak, as Murphy tears apart any idea that there’s hope for happiness in life. “I bet they charge by the hour here,” he sings of a hotel room he’s brought a woman to. “[It’s] the kind of place you should bring your own UV ray/ It’s not a big problem with me love/ you don’t look that hygienic anyway.”


As a whole This Modern Glitch swings and misses, failing to become the glossy pop album it could be, while also failing to be as deep lyrically as one suspects Murphy wishes it was. While the music might get people dancing in the club, it’s unlikely to make a big impression beyond that. This is a prime example of a here today, gone tomorrow album — musically charming but in reality a schizophrenic vision which wallows in a bleak worldview.

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