ALBUM REVIEW: Egypt Central – “White Rabbit”

Egypt Central White Rabbit

Year of the Album — #043
Egypt Central – “White Rabbit” (2011, Fat Lady Music)

Okay, guys, today I went walking in Memphis and took a turn down the wrong street, because I stumbled on Egypt Central, the most ass-kicking metal alternative band you’re going to find in this haven for the blues. The band’s sophomore album, White Rabbit, may wallow in lyrical cliches, but damned if their flaming hooks and riffs aren’t so mindbendingly addictive as to render that issue completely moot. This is crunchy guitar-oriented music that puts to rest the idea that rock is dead.

Just about any track on the album could legitimately be a hit on rock radio, but “Kick Ass,” “White Rabbit” and “Ghost Town” pack the most up-front punch. “White Rabbit” is already a single, and “Ghost Town,” which opens the album with an incendiary hook that’s worthy of the price of admission flat out, is the single which digs its talons in the deepest – revenge rock for a new generation: “When the sky comes down over this ghost town you’ll be first against the wall!” John Falls screams, and the song’s officially etched into your brain.

Maybe I enjoyed this album so much because it flashed me back to the early days of Disturbed, Linkin Park and Papa Roach, while maintaining enough of a modern flair to seem different even if they’re swimming the same waters. Regardless, it’s my contention that every album you enjoy doesn’t have to be some high-concept art piece. Egypt Central writes balls to the wall grungy alt-metal music that’s supposed to get you into the fighting spirit, and in that regard they’re spot on, one hundred percent. This is rock music that doesn’t try to be anything it’s not. And in the process it becomes one of the most enjoyable albums you’ll hear this year.


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