ALBUM REVIEW: Black Veil Brides – “Set the World on Fire”

Black Veil Brides

Album review
The Black Veil Brides – “Set The World On Fire” (2011, Lava Records)

Reviewer: Corey Thibodeaux

With the hard rock industry as saturated as it is, anything that steers away from the norm seems like a blessing.

The Black Veil Brides used their modernistic Kiss-inspired act to make an album that alienated them from today’s leading rock bands. They succeeded on their new release, Set the World on Fire, but not enough to be considered a novelty.

But give it to the band for being confident with this being their sophomore record. Frontman and founder Andy Six was ubiquitously quoted as saying this would be the greatest record ever made. There’s more. They titled the 11-track demo CD for the new album Black Veil Brides’ Greatest Hits because they thought it was so much better than everything they have ever done.

You can’t get a good grasp of them just by their appearance. They aren’t some glam-rock or Hot Topic band like they are advertised, rather they fall more in the line of a Hinder or even a tiny bit Avenged Sevenfold. The title track is the most indicative representation of how the band uses the grand approach of classic rock bands, yet has an aggressive edge for the modern age. “Fallen Angels” is an anthem for the unappreciated youth and is the stand-out track on the album. They even show a soft side with “Saviour.”

Is it the greatest record ever? Not by a long shot. But for a general fan of energetic arena-type rock with solid performances from the vocals down, it is a bold effort.


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