ALBUM REVIEW: Crossfade – “We All Bleed”


Album Review
Crossfade – “We All Bleed” (2011, Eleven Seven Music)

Reviewer: Corey Thibodeaux

It seemed that after Crossfade released their second album, Falling Away, in 2006, the band thought it would ride this success for the rest of their lives.

Reality hit them hard in 2008 when Columbia Records dropped them from the label because of the album’s disappointment. This spiraled lead singer Ed Sloan into depression, wondering where the band went wrong after the platinum success of their self-titled debut in 2004.

Now, five years since their last release and with the freedom of a smaller record label, Crossfade has rebounded and tapped into the darkest parts of their past and put out a redefining rock album.

We All Bleed is a throttling ride through despair that goes beyond the simple head-banging formula for hard rock albums. While some traditional rock-sounding songs find their way onto the album, tracks such as “Prove You Wrong” and “Open Up Your Eyes” add keyboards and orchestras to the mix, attaining an even deeper level of emotion. Layering the instruments and vocals helped push this We All Bleed to become one that you feel, not just hear.

The album is properly sent off with the 10-minute epic “Make Me a Believer,” where those words echo throughout the track while the singer tries to find a way out of his miserable state.

We All Bleed isn’t getting the hype it once would have gotten from a band with such commercial success. After being out of the industry for so long and a forgettable second album, Crossfade has some redeeming to do. Whatever happens, We All Bleed is a great way to start.


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