Atmosphere’s new video serves as anti-domestic violence PSA


Slug, rapper for Minnesota rap group Atmosphere

Atmosphere reigns supreme over the ever burgeoning hip-hop scene in Minneapolis, but even a more than passing familiarity with the group’s socially conscious rhymes will fail to prepare you for the punch-to-the-gut raw effectiveness of the group’s latest, “The Last To Say,” a video for which premieres at MTV’s website today. The video itself speaks volumes to the brutality of domestic violence, the endless cycle of violence breeding violence, with seemingly no way out … while Slug begs a woman at the center of the song’s lyric to “just tear it all apart and build new, ’cause if you don’t kill him he’s gonna kill you.”

“The Last To Say” is unflinchingly honest, and it speaks truths which need to be spoken. Above all, it’s an example of what sets great hip-hop apart. To view the video, visit … unfortunately I’m unable to imbed the video directly here, and it’s not available via YouTube.


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