July 14th launch planned for Spotify in the US

Spotify US

Spotify is finally coming Stateside!

As confirmed in the last hour by CNET and eOne Music PR representative Eric Alper on Twitter, Spotify is set to launch its American music streaming service tomorrow! The company has promised to deliver more details about the launch tomorrow at 8 a.m. ET.

This is an update to last week’s announcement that Spotify would soon launch to US users. The new launch looks to be taking a page out of the turntable.fm playbook, launching initially as an invite-only application, before eventually opening up to the general population. An ad-supported time-limited version may soon be available, along with monthly $5 and $10 per month subscriptions which eliminate time limits and allow for mobile phone use.


I’m still living in the cell phone dark ages, with a phone that can’t even text properly, let alone listening to streaming cloud services. But I think this is a great step toward bringing Europe’s most popular streaming service to an American audience which clearly is clamoring for legal listening opportunities. What do you think? Are you ready to sign up for a monthly subscription providing you with unlimited music on your mobile phone?


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