FEATURED SONG: Casey Shea – “Chelsea”

Casey Shea

Casey Shea, singer / songwriter.

Casey Shea started out playing for years in Tallahassee and Nashville, fronting a number of bands he chooses not to name in his official biography. What’s important, however, is that he set out in 2004 for New York City hoping to launch a solo career. If his latest single, “Chelsea,” is grounds for judging his success, the result is a resounding “listen to this guy, already!” I’m not sure I get his “Bill Murray meets John Lennon” comparison, but he’s a charismatic performer, and his new single shows his songwriter’s ear for catchy hooks and a well crafted lyric which will rebound through the confines of your head the more times you listen. This is definitely worth five minutes to give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed!


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