FEATURED SONG: Tally Hall – “&”

Tally Hall

Tally Hall

Tally Hall wants you to know it’s time to bid adieu to the 80s revivalists and pay 60s-era psychedelia a little mind! The Michigan band, based in Ann Arbor, has spent six years working on Good and Evil, the follow-up to underground classic Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, and the result is one of the most invigorating pop listens of 2011. It helps that the band’s been produced this go-round by Tony Hoffer, who’s had his chances with Beck, Belle & Sebastian and Depeche Mode), and though Atlantic Records funded the release, the major apparently wasn’t willing to support the long wait. So Michigan indie Quack! Media was ready in the wings to take over, and to them we owe our thanks.

Don’t believe me that this album is one of 2011’s strongest pop offerings? Give their debut single “&” (pronounced “AND”) a listen — I dare you not to start singing along … or at least bobbing your head and snapping your fingers while you contemplate where your Fifth Dimension records are hidden.


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