ALBUM REVIEW: Condition Oakland – “Find Home Friend EP”

Find Home Friend EP Album Art
Year of the Album — #052
Condition Oakland – “Find Free Friend EP” (2011, No Less Records)

Condition Oakland definitely has a unique sound, something I’d call Punk Americana or Hardcore Folk for lack of a better term. With vocals that blend Langhorne Slim and Tom Waits with Alkaline Trio and Jawbreaker, the result is a decidedly likeable mix of lo-fi hooks. “I wasn’t ready for these cutthroats,” the lead singer growls on “Ladder Match at the County Line of Hell,” and there’s something there under the grit that makes you want to hit repeat. These seven songs on the Find Home Friend EP fit well with each other and allow the musical worldview of Condition Oakland to present itself quickly and efficiently. You know what these guys are about right from the word go, and songs like “Jone Rivers is Chained in my Trunk” and “Find Home Friend” (“too hung over to find Jesus, but too drunk to be dead”) are hard to say no to. Give this group a listen — if you’re willing to take a few musical risks, you won’t be disappointed.


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