UNDER COVER: The All Ways – “Rolling In The Deep”

The All Ways

Austin Massirman, of the All Ways

If you think there aren’t guys out there who can handle Adele’s powerful “Rolling In The Deep” with equal aplomb, I submit for your consideration this cover by New York rockers The All Ways. This isn’t a dramatic reworking of the song, by any means, but the band definitely has put their stamp on it. And Austin Massirman has some serious pipes, and the vocal control to handle this mighty song.

The band’s got a number of solid covers up on YouTube, but the jury’s still out on whether they’ve got enough material of their own to be more than just a solid cover band. With a voice like that, Massirman and company need to find material worthy of the voice, and they could go places.


10 thoughts on “UNDER COVER: The All Ways – “Rolling In The Deep”

  1. WOW SO COOL ❤ I've been listening to these guys since they started a year and a half ago, gotta say they are definitely more than a cover band thoo theyv released 3 original EP's that I jst loveeee but their new sound is just even better than ever!!!!<3 check out there 2 new songs on purevolume.com/theallways , bUT YES this cover ROCKS!!!!

    • Glad you liked it … their site’s down, so I wasn’t able to dig for much of their original stuff, which is why I said the jury’s out. But I definitely think with the right material they could definitely go places. I’d be interested in hearing more, that’s for sure 🙂

      • Just wanted you to know that “The All Ways” have made it to the Live shows of America’s Got Talent. They will be on Tues. July 10, 2012 at 8pm on NBC so please watch and Vote Vote Vote for them

  2. These guys are amazing. Started listening when they started out. They are all awesome guys. Love them and their music so much.

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