FEATURED SONG: Gwyneth & Monko – “Down”

Gwyneth & Monko

Gwyneth & Monko

Americana fans, rejoice, because Gwyneth & Monko have arrived to provide us all with our fix! For fans of Emmylou Harris and Gillian Welch, this is music which is at once modern and original, while paying proper respect to the classics of the genre. Their self-titled debut has been out since February, the northern California duo sounds like they’ve been born and raised in the Tennessee hills. “Down” (free mp3 download, right click to save) is an amazing example of their work, a slow-burning groove featuring some of the best mournful female vocals not to be prominently featured on a Rosanne Cash or Lucinda Williams album — and Monko’s guitar solo midway through the song’s seven minute length will hook you if the vocals haven’t. Download the song and then check out the full album — if you’re an Americana / folk / indie junkie you won’t be disappointed.

And if that’s not enough to stoke your musical addiction, check out the band’s live performance of “Wishbone” below.


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