Melanie Moore meets Nicki Minaj … or: Why I love SYTYCD

Melanie Moore on So You Think You Can Dance

Melanie Moore and Twitch tear up the stage to "Roman's Revenge"

One problem with having eye problems is that sometimes I miss how awesome something is the first time I see it. I have to see it more than once, take it in up-close, study for details and then something clicks. But I could tell from the first time I watched this on So You Think You Can Dance last week that this routine by Melanie Moore and all-star Twitch, choreographed to Nicki Minaj’s tongue-twisting, mind-molesting beast “Roman’s Revenge,” was a true keeper.

I didn’t expect the routine to continue to grow on me the more I watched it, but here I am early Monday morning, five days later, still watching, still wondering just how the hell anyone can do these moves and make it look so simple.

I know this is a music blog, and I don’t have any background to properly critique dance.

Sue me.

Or watch the video, below and try to tell me dancers aren’t athletes.


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