FEATURED SONG: Aaron Moore – “Ashiato”

Aaron Moore

Aaron Moore -- learn the name! You'll be hearing it a lot soon, I think.

Aaron Moore hopes that one day you’ll hum one of his songs in your car, that he’ll have the chance to be a part of your life for a few seconds or a minute. A musician living and writing independently in Joplin, Missouri, Moore has developed a sound akin to Elliott Smith with songs showing a similar flair for experimentation and musical exploration. His passion for folk music across the genre’s spectrum shines through in his songs in a way that suggests he will continue to write until his music finds a larger audience, no matter how long that takes.

I submit for your approval a song called “Ashiato,” from Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud. The song’s lyrics blend the English and Japanese languages over haunting strands of guitar and bass. Its subtle beauty reveals itself quietly; you’ll be hard-pressed to stop listening once the haunting chorus turns you inside out. I consider this song a true find, and I hope you find as much to enjoy in its depth as I have.

Here’s hoping Moore finds the audience his stunning music so richly deserves.

– – – – –

If you enjoy this song, there’s much more available via Moore’s Bandcamp page.


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