Brent Lundy

Brent Lundy, of indie-rock band Lundy

If you like your indie-rock music with a good bit more than a touch of southern grit, you’ll have a find a lot to like about what Lundy offers.”The Ride,” sampled below in a YouTube clip, showcases the band’s sound in a live setting, and clearly they’ve got the chops to hold a crowd in thrall. But it takes a trip to the band’s ReverbNation page to fully understand just how great these guys from Columbia, South Carolina truly are.

“Overflow” has an incendiary rock riff that drags you in kicking and screaming, only to have Brent Lundy’s vocals hit you full throttle over the head while the band chugs along like Reckless Kelly meeting Girls Guns and Glory for a bar-band rock-off. And “Burn” slows it down to show what the band sounds like when Lundy puts all his vocal chips down in one all-in bet, with a raspy vocal akin to Matthew Ryan, although in a setting much more akin to Bon Jovi in the pop-rock vein.

The bottom line: Lundy delivers exactly what the band promises, and this is one group you won’t want to let pass you by. If you’re in South Carolina, catch ’em live. If you’re stuck elsewhere like the rest of us, use the Internet to get your taste. Regardless of how you find Lundy, the band’s going to make its impact. And with the right push, this is indie-rock which could become oh so mainstream. You’ll want to say you knew them when.


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