Jason Rubero

Jason Rubero, singer-songwriter.

I’ve been following Jason Rubero’s musical exploits since 2003 when I reviewed several of his songs for the now-defunct site Gods of Music. Most of the artists I covered back then have slipped through the cracks, but with music so filled with pop smarts as Rubero’s, it was impossible not to continue to follow everything he did, even as his music remained masked in obscurity. Frequently dubbed “Beatlesque,” Rubero has built his sonic palate upon the classics, reworking and modernizing this pure pop music into a style uniquely his. From the experimental album Mercywheel in 1999 to 2010’s exquisite The Furious Bliss, he’s proven time and time again that he’s not afraid to push the envelope of what listeners expect from pop music in his search for sonic perfection.

It, therefore, remains a surprise to me that Jason Rubero’s music has not found broader appeal. His latest track, “Song For The Seance Girl,” may appear on a later album, but he’s chosen to release it by email to his fans directly. The song, as he describes it, is “loaded with a double-helping of atmosphere, layered ambiance, creepy lyrics, and strange sounds.” But the song’s “melancholy laced with laughter” will definitely lure you into its depths, and this is a song unlikely to let you go once it gets the hooks in. The arrangement is epic, with ethereal piano and chimes coupled with haunting vocals and ambient sounds, creating a soundscape which throws you out of your comfort zone.

This is the kind of music which draws in fans, new and old alike, reaffirming what a talent Jason Rubero is. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it. Then, once you’ve officially had your mind blown, visit his website’s “Music” page to dig your way into his back catalog. I can guarantee it’ll be the musical highlight of your day!


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