ARTISTS TO WATCH: Daniel and the Lion


Daniel and the Lion ... working hard, or hardly working?

Consider them a musical mystery which still manages to sound both fresh and familiar. Whatever you choose to think going in, Daniel and the Lion will control the space between your ears for as long as you listen before managing to force yourself to pull away. This is music for anyone who loves bands from Stephen Kellogg’s Sixers to Ryan Adams, competently recorded by a band which knows how to craft a pop-laden hook without selling out to lowest common denominator bullshit. The band reported recorded Sweet Teeth, their 2011 offering, on a $6,000 Kickstarter-fueled budget, and they’re proudly supportive of the Midwestern fans who give them the chance to live the dream. “The Chase” and “Horses” are two of the best independently produced alt-country gems I’ve heard so far in 2011. Give the album a listen, you’re sure to quickly become converts.


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