“… On the [Letters Page] of the Rolling Stone!”

Rolling Stone Letters Page

Rolling Stone Letters page, September 29 2011 (Issue 1140)

It may not be what Dr. Hook meant when they wrote “On The Cover of the Rolling Stone,” but I sure felt like buying five copies for my mother when my letter made it into Issue 1140 of RS! I was inspired to write based on Patrick Doyle’s solid article from RS 1138 about Campbell’s comeback album, recorded during his battle with Alzheimer’s. I never heard back from the editors regarding my emailed letter, so I didn’t expect to ever hear about it again, until I saw this on my page followed by my “signature”:

Reading about how such an iconic songwriter is being robbed of his memories was heartbreaking. But the new album shows that Campbell is capable of taking control of his legacy even as he loses connection with what built it. Patrick Doyle has earned his spurs with this one. Thanks for treating a legend with such respect.

It may not be much, but for a music critic who would someday love to have the chance to profile a singer of Campbell’s caliber for a magazine like Rolling Stone, it was definitely a cool moment.

Below you can hear his new song “Ghost on the Canvas,” from the new album of the same name, along with “Wichita Lineman” and “By The Time I Get To Phoenix.” Then go get yourself a copy of the new album — you won’t regret hearing one last salvo from a legend of classic country music! I’d link to Doyle’s article, but as best I can tell it’s not available online unless you pay for an RS subscription (at $3.95 a month it’s not a bad deal, considering you get the online archives plus the print ‘zine!)


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