UNDER COVER: Newton Faulkner – “Teardrop”

Newton Faulkner

Leave it to a Canadian show to introduce me to an English songwriter who happens to do a spot-on, beautiful cover of a British trip-hop track known for its vocals by a singer once described as “the voice of God” by a writer from the Guardian. But Rookie Blue’s season finale did just that, reintroducing me to Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” through Newton Faulkner’s amazing cover, which turns the song on its ear, making it a solo vocal and guitar track for this singer who almost made me forget about Elizabeth Frazier and the Cocteau Twins, which is no small feat! Regardless of how you come at it, Faulkner’s cover stands on its own as a strong interpretation of the original, doing what House M.D. never did, accentuating the vocals and melodic accents over the trippy hip-hoppish background. This is definitely worthy of a second listen if you’ve heard it before — and if you’re new to Faulkner’s sound, give it a first. You’ll be glad you did. Considering that it’s not really too far cry from the type of trippy pop he typically records, it’s a cool way to reintroduce you to a favorite while showcasing a new talent worthy of listens on his own. You’re welcome!


One thought on “UNDER COVER: Newton Faulkner – “Teardrop”

  1. If you like the recorded version above, just check out the solo acoustic version that he recorded in the lift of the Paradiso Club in Amsterdam.

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