X-Factor: “Stop Lookin’ At My Mom!”

Brian Bradley

Brian "Stop Lookin' At My Mom!" Bradley slayed judges

I haven’t watched an episode of the X-Factor yet all the way through. Call me a victim of “too much Fake Reality” overload syndrome. But man, if there’s a reason to watch, I’d say it’d be to see how far Brian Bradley can go in the competition, because this kid’s got swagger and he totally slayed the judges, proving that he had stage presence and the ability to rock the mic to the beat of his own making. If you want to skip to the meat, jump into the video below at the 1:57 mark, as he goes straight into his performance by taking Simon to task:

What you lookin’ at?
What you starin’ at?
I see your eyes
I ain’t surprised
Just ’cause I’m a shorty
Don’t think I won’t do you no harm
Stop lookin’ at my mom!

Boom! The kid takes the stage as if he’s been there his whole life, completely commanding the audience as he rips into some great meaty lines: “I don’t understand why these dudes is lookin’ / Like they ain’t never seen a beautiful strong woman! / She just happens to be the one who birthed me / The one who burped me / The one who nursed me …” Seriously, I didn’t take the kid seriously when he said he wanted to be (in five years) the equal to the likes of Jay Z or Kanye, but he’s already off to a classier start, no matter what Simon may say.

“Brian, just let me say this,” Cowell scowled. “You are arrogant, obnoxious, argumentative, but you are one of the most talented young people I’ve heard in a long long time.” Judging by his comments, maybe the kid needs to ask for a DNA test, ’cause the way Cowell described it, he’s damned close to Cowell’s double, only with talent to boot. It ought to be fun to see where the show takes Bradley as the judges morph into mentors.

Somehow I suspect he’ll end up on Team Cowell.


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