ALBUM REVIEW: Zucchero – “Chocabeck”

Zucchero Chocabeck
Year of the Album — #067
Zucchero – “Chocabeck” (2011, Decca)

Chocabeck is stadium rock for those who idolize David Foster, and who think Josh Groban produces operatic pop at the same level as Pavarotti. Its melodies fail to resonate coupled with vocals that fail to define Zucchero as anything but an Italian rock curiosity.

Yes, this is a review of an album I didn’t like, so for those of you who like hearing bad music get ripped to shreds, you can read the rest of the review at PopMatters. Zucchero (or “sugar”) Fornaciari has been dubbed the “Bruce Springsteen of Italian rock.” If listeners believe that comparison is truly apt, I feel sincerely sorry for them and wish them better music in the future.


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